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Aug 27 2019


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

NCRP Meeting

The Nacogdoches County Republican Party recently held their monthly meeting. Guest speaker was Emily Cook, General Counsel for Texas Right to Life. Ms. Cook is a graduate of SFA with a degree in Political Science and earned her JD from Baylor Law School. Ms. Cook introduced The Texas Right to Life Ambassador Program. This program helps to recruit, equip and engage citizens in boldly promoting Life values, education and tangible assistance to save babies from abortion and patients from euthanasia. She explained the difference between legislation that saves lives and reduces abortion and “Life Affirming” legislation. Ms. Cook stated “abortion goes against Civil Rights”. The Texas Right to Life organization offers a “scorecard” for legislatures and a voter’s guide. For more information visit www.texasrighttolife.com.

Pictured from left to right
Seated: Julia Thomas, Faith Hebert and Liz Miller members of Lumberjacks for Life; Dee Still, Executive Director Heartbeat Pregnancy
Standing: County Attorney, John Fleming; Robin Dawley, County Commissioner; Anita Kite, Memorial Hospital Board of Directors; Judge Ed Klein; Guest speaker Emily Cook; County Clerk, June Clifton Price; Judge Jack Sinz; Sharron Alston; Farrar Bentley; Roy Alston and Bradley Reynolds, Chairman Nacogdoches County Republican Party.