“Thank You” to everyone for making the Cruz event a huge success today.  Senator Cruz stirred our consciousness to the important issues of our time and made a great case for his re-election.  The opposition forces further highlighted the importance of re-electing Senator Cruz.  Their vitriol and anger exhibited today points to their idea of an America without God and far from a godly conscience.  The “light” and “truth” that Senator Cruz witnesses to is in stark contrast to his opponent.  It is critically important that we get involved and encourage our family and friends to be registered and to vote Republican this November.  The Left has invaded Texas.  We must stand up for Right by voting and by working for those candidates who represent conservative values in November.

Quote of the day is from a young man of primary school age to Senator Cruz.  Master York shook the Senator’s hand and bravely said, “You’re a good man Senator Cruz.”  No purer love was spoken the rest of the day than that heartfelt expression of a child.

Other quotes from today stand out: “We’ve got to build the wall!” (repeated numerous times).  Mr. Canty’s statement about President Trump’s impact on business, “Since Trump became President, it’s like someone flipped a switch on my business.  We are booming.”  From hundreds of friends in Nacogdoches, “Thank You Senator Cruz.  God bless you!”

Abbott University Note:  An email will be sent to you from our good friend Steffen Carrillo about a condensed Abbott U training coming up on the evening of July 20.  I have been through the training; it is really good and important training.  I urge you to attend. A meal and enjoyment are included.

Finally, thanks to Heath Clement, owner, and John Penny for hosting our event today at CC’s Smokehouse.  Their only benefit will be if you choose to go by and have a meal with them this weekend.  Remember, you may dine in and/or carry out.