NCRP Meeting with Guest Speaker Alaina Chafin

At the recent Nacogdoches County Republican Party meeting, Alaina Chafin, Director of Planning for the City of Nacogdoches, was guest speaker.  Ms. Chafin talked about the upcoming Census.  Ms. Chafin stated that Texas has added approximately 3.5 million people since the last census.  She also said that Census information is confidential for 72 years.  Employees taking the Census take a lifetime oath to protect your information.  One important fact to note is that the Census Bureau will NOT ask for a person’s Social Security number.  People will be sent post cards and will be able to respond to Census questions online.  Federal Funding and Economic Development will be impacted by the Census results.

The Nacogdoches Republican’s meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Pictured from left to right:  Bradley Reynolds, Republican Party County Chairman; Alaina Chafin, Jerry Jones, District Director for Rep. Travis Clardy; Andrew Shipp, Vice-Chairman of the Nacogdoches Republican Party.